From the fields of Cheshire to becoming one of the most prolific amateur tarmac rally drivers of the last 3 decades, Dave Willett’s journey into motorsport started as a fun weekend hobby.

The late 1980’s gave opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts in south Cheshire to enjoy rallycross style events in the fields of local landowners. Many bumps and knocks between the cars meant repair jobs were prevalent. The passion for cars, engines and performance motorsport for Dave had begun.

When a suggestion came about to modify a Mark 2 Escort into a race worthy machine the challenge was accepted. Dave set about with John Roberts (who went on to become his Navigator for a few years) to convert the car. The car was upgraded from a 1.6 litre engine to a 2 litre, 16 valve Vauxhall engine.

Tackling their first 4 rally events in 1991, the steep learning curve of performance driving techniques and engine knowledge was underway.