Here at the workshops in Cheshire we look after a small amount of race cars for their owners specifically those used for rallying, rallycross and grasstrack duties.

We specialise in custom development and improvement within the preparation process of race cars. With years of experience we have developed and improved techniques to the point were the majority of work on any individual project is completed in-house.

Our clients often ask why we don’t use “off-the-shelf” components and we explain that one of the reasons is attention to detail and quality. In all types of motorsport our clients are looking for the extra 1%, by keeping the custom manufacturing process in-house. We have shown that we can make a significant improvement in performance.

We are able to make or construct anything from small bushes to complete race cars including race engines within our workshops. We have access to lathe and milling machines , Mig and Tig (alloy & stainless ) and a myriad of specialist tooling, some of which we have constructed ourselves for specific projects and requirements.